Welcome to the New Server!

Hey everyone! Welcome to a NEW Destiny! As you probably know, we just moved server hosts to GGServers and updated our world.

We’ve spent quite a few hours setting up the new server. Here are some of the things we have so far:

  • New server “hub” where you can choose different gameplay worlds. You can use /hub from anywhere to return here. We’ll slowly but surely be adding lots of features to the hub soon.
  • Multiple worlds! Currently have Survival, No Rules Survival, and Mini Games. Use /spawn to return to your current world’s spawn. More worlds coming soon. Possibly Creative and Skyblocks worlds.

We’re also working on quite a few things and have lots of plans:

  • Ranking System. Currently, you start as a Stranger on our server. Once you’ve read and accepted the rules, you become a bystander. Bystanders can join all worlds and have all permissions in No Rules Survival and Mini Games worlds. Our Survival world has its own set of rules, and if you decide to play there, you’ll become an Apprentice. For now, that’s as far as you can go. But we have a full-fledged ranking system in the works where you’ll be able to choose your destiny and rank up in many different ways (such as exploring, killing mobs, play time, exp, and more).

We’re hoping to continue to grow our server and come up with more fun ways to play. We do our best to make sure you guys have fun. Let us know what you think!

10 Responses to “Welcome to the New Server!”

  1. Savage_Slayer

    hey sean, do you know what *unknown* is at the desert at the cords of; -266 71 299, cause even time and ori don’t know.

  2. jpbro_13

    If i could be unbanned that’d be great i promise i won’t do it again if u can’t thanks anyways


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