Status Update June 2016

Hey, everyone!


The past few months have been pretty quiet. We just finished getting everything running perfectly on 1.8 when 1.9 was released. We thought it would be a while before Spigot was able to update their code, so we decided we would finish the ranking system before updating to 1.9. Then Spigot updated and quite a few players asked us if we would update to 1.9, so we did.


Now 1.10 is here and Spigot is already updated. So we’ll be staying current and updating to the latest version. We’re still working on the ranking system and have a pretty big plan for the future. We appreciate you guys sticking with us. We’re going to make STD great again™.


In other news, we launched a Discord server. All of the admins (and already some of our players) have joined and you can chat with us (as well as see in-game chat) here:



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