New Hub Scavenger Hunt

We have created a scavenger hunt for you, to help explore the new hub.

Good Luck finding everything! You can always ask staff for help, or a walk-through!


What is the name of our kingdom? (Welcome to ?.. on the docks)
**bonus if you can find the significance of the word

What is the name of the kitchen cat?

Where can you find the word ‘surrender’ hidden?

Where does the Kings secret escape tunnel take him?

How many horses are in the stables?

What can you find in the highest tower of the castle?

What is baking in the bakeries ovens?

How many guests fit at the banquet table?

Does the lighthouse have a bed?

What kind of flower is in room #3 at the inn?

Which hidden place can you purchase enchanted books?

What does the cannon on the ship shoot?

What is the prince hiding in his room?

How many graves are in the graveyard?

Can you buy flowers in a shop or in the market?

What is the name of the customer trying on new armor?

What do they keep in the ice house?

Where does the King hide his treasures?

Where is the library?

What is hidden under the wheat field?

Don't forget to tell us who did all that work! Type your user name here: