Congratulations to coolblue10302000 for winning February’s Creative World Challenge!

Each month in our Creative World, we have a building theme. And at the end of the month, all the admin and moderators vote on which build they like the most.

February’s theme was Transportation. There were several notable contenders such as LegoBuilder100 (and FortuneScientist)’s joint effort rollercoaster that spanned across two plots!

But the winner was none other than coolblue10302000 for her Up inspired build.


For winning, blue was given a second plot to build on. She was also nice enough to do a little Q&A with us:

[Princess] <~AquaTaz> How hard was it to shape the balloons, how did you choose the colors?

[Apprentice] <coolblue10302000> i kinda picked all the colors from the rainbow and a few random blocks, and just went in a circle

[Apprentice] <coolblue10302000> alternating blocks in my inventory

[King] <~sean> What made you decide on building the house from Up for transportation?

[King] <~sean> How long did it take to build?

[Apprentice] <coolblue10302000> I watched Up a lot, and a flying house has always seemed super cool. It took me maybe 2 nights

[Princess] <~AquaTaz> What it the first idea you had when you saw the theme was transportation?

[Apprentice] <coolblue10302000> My first thought was a plane or a train or cars, but i thought that was too simple and generic.

[Princess] <~AquaTaz> would you change anything on it now that the competition is over?

[Apprentice] <coolblue10302000> no because i don’t really know what i would change

[King] <~sean> My favorite part is the detail on the ground

[Prince] <~Origami> after thinking that those were too generic, did you come up with the idea for Up? or what else did you go through?

[Apprentice] <coolblue10302000> im crazy i will most likely think about the floating house all day. see a balloon UP!

[Princess] <~AquaTaz> blue, what made you use pumpkins in the balloon cluster?

[Apprentice] <coolblue10302000> um… i felt it would add more detail and put a smile on people’s faces a little

[Princess] <~AquaTaz> What was your favorite part of building it?

[Princess] <~AquaTaz> What was your least favorite?

[Apprentice] <coolblue10302000> the balloons they were fun, but kinda of challenging and stressful at the same time.

[Apprentice] <coolblue10302000> but i like a challenge

[Apprentice] <coolblue10302000> my least favorite part was the roof cause it was confusing

[King] <~sean> Is it solid?

[Apprentice] <coolblue10302000> the balloon is solid

[Apprentice] <Nichole_1898> the roof its awesome

[King] <~sean> Would you like to add anything else? Anything you’d like to say?

[Apprentice] <coolblue10302000> It was fun to participate in

[Apprentice] <Nichole_1898> dear people who are reading this, this is Nichole_1898, this is the best server ever :D

[King] <~sean> lol not you Nichole, but thank you

[King] <~sean> Any advice for future builders?

[Apprentice] <coolblue10302000> think outside the box, um… use your big imagination and have fun. And know you can do anything you put your mind to

[Apprentice] <coolblue10302000> :)


If you want to compete in this month’s competition, feel free to join in by entering the Creative World portal in the hub. March’s theme is Board Games.

Stay Creative! :)

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