Big Things Coming to STD!

Hey everyone! Welcome to Surrender to Destiny’s new website.

If you’re new, we’re a 1.8 Craftbukkit Survival server. We have a very friendly community and care about our dedicated players. We take griefing seriously.

We’re thinking about making some big changes (or rather, additions) to the server. Currently, we have a small spawn area with a few fun features, but for the most part it’s just basic Vanilla Survival for our players. If you play on our server, let us know what you think of these ideas in the comments.

  • Ranking system (with more commands)
  • Mini games (survival, capture the flag, deathmatch, etc.)
  • Creative world
  • No rules survival world

One big thing I’d like to do is to add an overall point/money system. So if you switch over to the mini game world and win a round, you’ll get points that you can spend on items in the overworld.

Our current survival world is also getting pretty huge (it’s currently ~10GB). All areas around spawn are pretty much built in. I think a lot of players are still having fun, but doing a world reset brings back the fun for players who’ve lost interest.

Let me know your thoughts everyone!


33 Responses to “Big Things Coming to STD!”

  1. Imp

    Ranking – approve
    Mini Games – …can go either way
    Creative world – meh
    No Rules Survival – Nope, reason i came to the server was getting burned and griefed on other servers make it not fun at all. When i spend hours making my base and getting stuff together only to have someone logon once and blow it up… yeah no thank you.

    Resetting the world? ….while i would hate to lose my Island and everything i worked for over these past months, i can see why it would be vital to do so. Perhaps creating a MOD position that tears down old builds and terraforms the world back to a natural state.

    • PrinceTime

      To the Mini Games and No rules Survival world keep in mind, these are going to be extra worlds, as in the basic no griefing, no raiding world will still exist, and as The Mod position is a good idea, it would be hard to figure out whats good and whats bad, I mean we wouldn’t want to accidentally remove someones home just because it doesn’t look normal or nice.

      • Imp

        If the the no rules one is separate then i got nothing against it (i wont use it so no opinion)

        The MOD position is a tough one I agree, but not impossible. just have to stay on top of whats what and what is whos and if need be leave a sign/message and see what comes of it

  2. skuxxer

    i like the idea of ranks & mini games and creative world could be good for a little bit of a change but as for the “world reset” i think that it would make a large majority of the players not play as much, as I’ve seen this in another server where people had been working for months on their builds and then a world reset and they lost a vast majority of the players. as a solution for the mod idea you could set a time limit (2-4 months?) and if a player hasn’t been active in that amount of time it could result in there house been taking away and returned to its natural state ? just a suggestion

  3. esotericsean

    Just thought of another option.

    We can add some of these new things/worlds (mini games, no rules survival, creative) and keep our current world.

    In our current world, I guess one of the biggest problems we have is that the area around spawn is sorta all taken up. We could just move spawn, but keep the same world. This would alleviate some of the need to restart.

      • Daniel

        I have done nothing wrong on this no rule server and they have put me in jail and then banned me for an hour. What?
        Origamicoder is the name of the Admin.

        • esotericsean

          Hi Daniel, we aren’t a no rule server. We don’t allow griefing, stealing, killing, or profanity. These rules are clearly posted at spawn.

          I’m not sure what you did, but I’m sure Origami had a reason to jail you.

  4. itzKHEMorTanner

    I’m glad things are going right for this server, unfortunately most respected elder tanner will quit MC, well really i CANT play mc anymore lol tanner got taken away

  5. MuiltiNormal

    I Know Im Not venus -.- I fixed my nickname venus if your the one who did that Fixed it a few days ago also sean Can you email me the files you used for fixing the namechanging thing for chestshop ect.? arkham recently got hacked and is having trouble bringing everything back up My email is it would be highly appreciated if you could email those files… also rip house

  6. ~Taz

    I wouldn’t want to lose all my work. Mini-games sound fun. I should do well with a ranking system. Not interested in creative. I came to this server for the simple rules and protections. I would think 6 months of inactivity would be fair for a reset of any area. I finally learned to get away from the spawn area if I didn’t want people walking through/building too close/interfering with my game play. Btw, you guys have been awesome admins. Never had a problem you couldn’t fix… people are treated with respect. Nice job!

    • Windowcleaner64

      Yes! The admins are miracle workers! Always kind and frankly can put a smile of my face with there goofiness and jokes xD

  7. Windowcleaner64

    Hey, I think these upcoming updates are going to be awesome! Can’t wait! With the ranks, you could have many different Rank names; Such as: Rookie (standard commands) Trusted (Maybe 2 set homes), Knight (2 set homes, permission to /mute), Noble ( 3 set homes, permission to /time set day) and /mute, Mod, Admin then Owner. Now, you may not necessarily use these, and it might be that you just use the Titles. But i think it would be good to have other (maybe people who are always around, or online) to either mute spammers, or kick hackers etc. Hope you take this into consideration! Ty and Goodbye!!!

  8. Daniel

    I have been banned from this server for “The BannHammer has spoken” can I have a real reason?

  9. Lego

    I’m happy with the changes OTHER than the reset, although I agree with moving spawn!

  10. Dreki-ᚴᚢᚾᚢᚴᛦ

    I’m not sure how the modes will be implemented, or if the server has enough of a playerbase to split it between said modes. There is already a rather small playerbase, and if the modes are implemented, most players might stick to the one they prefer and therefore keep players divided. Seeing objectively, a reset of the survival map might be a good idea due to lag complaints. But with these lag complaints when there is only one gamemode implemented, is there any vision of the server being optimized and upgraded? I’ve heard several times that it was due to large redstone mechanics and mob/gold farms, but the additional modes will cause additional strain on the server’s engine.

    • Dreki-ᚴᚢᚾᚢᚴᛦ

      Also, additional game modes and a potential need for upgrading the server will be a bigger financial cost, which you may consider.

  11. Ditto1301

    Can we build a Spleef arena? (I think that’s how it’s spelt) Maybe using a few command blocks to reset the arena after each use and maybe it can be more than one layer down so it can last a bit longer and maybe more challenging. Although i’d say slime blocks would work best since they break instantly but slow them down some.

  12. Ditto1301

    I’ve been seeing a few feedback messages about having all mobs as possible pets. Although each player can have only one mob with them. (Ender Dragon not tamable.) Some people said that you would first have to turn on mob capturing and then kill a mob with a lead to tame that mob that you killed although it will respawn instantly and follow the player and fight with him/her just like a wolf does. It worked with all mobs in the overworld and in the nether. Only the enderdragon is untamable.

    Its just a thing i heard from a friend and I thought it would be a cool thing to have.

  13. Kitty

    Hey… when i try to log back on it doesnt work…. why? this happend for 2 days
    so why is it doing that every time i try it says “Cant connect to the server”

  14. Savage_Slayer

    Yo I think we should have it with diff worlds, but here’s how it would work, we have a spawn area and then buildings leading to the worlds and for ranks, Page: Access to server spawn and only survival world(With Rules) & (Has to find sign around spawn area), Squire: Access to Minigames and survival and to /sethome ($5000). Knight: Access to 2 sethomes and 3rd world idea, Hardcore survival(64 Diamond Ore). Hero: Access to /weather and Creative(4 Stacks of Diamond blocks, Trade 64 redstone blocks for 2 stacks of diamonds and /fix with sign in room for $5000).Champion: Access to /fly and /fix for ($4000) cost 256 sponges. Earl: Access to /mute Cost (200 Levels). Duke/Dutchess: Access to ban for 5 mins Do not abuse or you will be perm banned, Cost: 256 Gold blocks 256 Iron Blocks, 256 Diamond blocks, 3 stacks of either dia, gold or iron for 64 blocks of redstone. King/Queen: Access to many command and 5 sethomes, Cost: 4 stacks of nether stars or beacons. And finally Commands must be bought at a certain price and /nuke would cost $50000000 and is will kill everyone on the server at the time.


    P.S. Please reply by email

  15. Enchanted_Ditto

    1 thing i have noticed is that some new people don’t read the rules at spawn and I suggest that a building could be dedicated to the rules and have a short pop quiz about them before letting new players out.

  16. Lego

    So, I’ve already commented on the stuff above, and i figured i could add in some of my own (possibly ridiculous) ideas, without exploding everyone’s head. MAYBE in the new creative world, we could have something along the lines of: your first build could be translated over into the survival world, BUT, you would have to pay for the build with all supplies used in it, therefore creating an even system in which people cannot place a butt-ton of diamonds and teleport it to the over-world without paying. My second idea would be to have another over-world(ish) world with that weird blue barrier thing (just look up “mindcrack season 5” for an image) that expands at X rate every Y days, to encourage group builds (thus saving supplies) and to keep the world from getting AS BIG AS QUICKLY as 10 GB

    just some thoughts,


    • Enchanted_Ditto

      That would take the fun out of building cool things in survival though…


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