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Status Update June 2016

Hey, everyone!   The past few months have been pretty quiet. We just finished getting everything running perfectly on 1.8 when 1.9 was released. We thought it would be a while before Spigot was able to update their code, so we decided we would finish the ranking system before updating to 1.9. Then Spigot updated… Read more »

What does Minecraft 1.9 mean for your favorite server?

Happy Leap Day! Or more importantly, Happy 1.9 day! Yep, just a few hours ago Mojang released Minecraft 1.9 into your client. It’s as simple as starting up Minecraft, clicking play, and it will automatically download it for you. But all of your servers will still be running 1.8 so you won’t be able to… Read more »

Two Thousand Sixteen

I’ve been playing Minecraft since it was in Alpha. I remember I grew a forest, placed torches on each tree and thought it looked magical. I proceeded to build a giant cobble castle and was hooked. (You can see that castle of mine in the background of this short video I made: When Minecraft went… Read more »

Happy Holidays!

I think we can all agree the holidays are the one of the best times of the year. And that’s no exception IRL, too! Here in Surrender to Destiny, we have some big things that we’re working on and will hopefully be releasing soon. We’re even writing our own custom plugins! Here are some things… Read more »

Welcome to the New Server!

Hey everyone! Welcome to a NEW Destiny! As you probably know, we just moved server hosts to GGServers and updated our world. We’ve spent quite a few hours setting up the new server. Here are some of the things we have so far: New server “hub” where you can choose different gameplay worlds. You can use /hub from… Read more »

Big Things Coming to STD!

Hey everyone! Welcome to Surrender to Destiny’s new website. If you’re new, we’re a 1.8 Craftbukkit Survival server. We have a very friendly community and care about our dedicated players. We take griefing seriously. We’re thinking about making some big changes (or rather, additions) to the server. Currently, we have a small spawn area with a few… Read more »